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Accelerating Coral Growth in Its Natural Habitat

Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Projects


Behind Our Purpose


of Philippine reefs

are classified as threatened


at high or very

high risk

  • Our coral reefs are suffering from rapid deterioration due to modernism

  • Artificial Coral Modules serve as immediate nesting grounds for juvenile marine organisms.

  • Fishing communities stand to benefit from coral propagation projects.

Our Coral Propagation Programs

Our Coral Growth Accelerant Coated Blocks are easy to transport and can be economically deployed underwater, requiring only 2 to 3 persons per project. Once deployed underwater our coral blocks require no maintenance since they can withstand pollution, siltation, seawater acidification, etc. Moreover, its shape is aqua dynamic, it stays in place during underwater turbulence caused by weather disturbances.

We offer our Coral Growth Accelerant Coated Block to resorts, Island owners, and those who want to grow coral gardens on their beachfront. We also welcome foundations, local government, and Non-government organizations that are interested in coral reef rehabilitation.

Palawan, Camia


Palawan, Camia

Located at Camia Cove Resort in Palawan, Philippines. The site is lined with mangroves and the water is sandy and muddy. Most of the time visibility is on the murky side. Coral growth near the opening to the sea. Year deployed 2018

Anilao Site B

Anilao Site b.jpg

Anilao Site B

Deployed at Anilao, Batangas, Philippines. The site is surrounded by 100 resorts or more. Water quality for coral growth is good but due to pollution from the resorts and wet markets nearby, most of the corals suffer from heavy sedimentation.  Our Coral Blocks have survive since 2017

Anilao Site C

Anilao Site c.jpg

Anilao Site C

Deployed at Anilao, Batangas, Philippines. The site is in front of the wet market. Testing coral blocks resistance from man-made pollution.  Our Coral Blocks have shown early coral larvae recruitment in a short period of 6 months and have shown sustained coral growth since its deployment in 2021

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